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Group News
A large floral clock was made for He...
Regional clock was made for a big ho...
Advantages of Group

1.The first company to adopt quartz technology in special clock industry and tower clock industry since 1980s in China.
2.The first company to establish Research Institute for special watch and clock.
3.The largest manufacturer in special clock industry in China with many National patents.
4.The only company to put wave technology to use in watch and clock industry.
5.The only brand won both China Top brand Products and China Well-Known Trademark.
6.The only brand won Silver Medal issued by National Quality Award examination committee.

About Compas

Jinan Kodos Watches & Clocks Development Co., Ltd.,attached to Compas Group,is a professional clock manufacturer.Main Products:tower clock,building clock,wall clock,landscape clock,street clock,floral clock,digital display clock,world time clock,doll clock.'Comps' is our trademark.

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Online Chat

Call+86 18667161230

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